Monday, January 2, 2012

Follow up post 1. "Halloween Weekend"

So I haven't updated this in a long time since I was so busy with schoolwork, so here's the first update.

Halloween weekend was pretty awesome.  On Friday, I started the night out by meeting up with my friend at his place to pregame.  I dressed up as Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead, which was really cool.  We made our way to Thomas Jefferson's Halloween party at Vin de Syrah, this funky bar/club that looks like Alice in Wonderland. 

The party was pretty neat, I got to catch up with a lot of people from 1L, and I also got to see a professor dressed up as a fat ballerina, complete with tutu.  Danced with some chicks, saw some bizarre hookups, quite the entertaining night.

Saturday night I went to PB and did some drinking out a friend's place, and ended up going to Beechwood.  Came with a big group, but as always, we all got separated within ten minutes.  I ended up hanging out with this chick, let's call her Cindy.  We had fun on the dance floor and ended up on the roof.  The people watching was beyond hilarious.  We ended up staying till close, then the night got interesting.  She lived in La Jolla, so I got her number, then headed out.  I thought getting a cab would be easy outside of the club.  I was wrong.  I waited on the corner for forty minutes, while an endless parade of drunk people came and went.  Had some very interesting conversations. 

Eventually, however, I struck up a conversation with this drunk dude.  He was macking on some chick, but eventually she dipped.  He said he knew where to go to get a cab, so off we went.  This dude was a trip, he started waxing philosophically about life, the universe, and everything.  He even tried to get me to punch him at one point.  As we were walking we ran into this girl crying, and this shady dude following here.  We kept on eye on her, but eventually they started talking, and it became pretty obvious she wanted to hook up with the dude.  They went to a hot dog stand with a bunch of other people, so we let that go.  This guy then went to light up a cig, threw them all in the street, and said "that's what I am."  Perfect timing, as a cab came by right then and I got out of there, interesting dude, but a bit too weird.  Got home around 4.

Quite the weekend.

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