Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Eve

Some other stuff happened here and there, but being awesome kind of got put on hold this past semester so I could focus on starting out well at USD. 

New Year's Eve was a pretty cool night.  I made myself a promise last year, when I did absolutely nothing, that I would make plans well in advance for 2011's new year's eve.  That did not happen.  Most people are out of town for New Year's (don't know why, San Diego is awesome and sorry most of the rest of the world has pretty shitty weather this time of year).  My sis and bro-in-law were here however, but they both had to work late.  I went and got some stuff for the night (champagne, CPK pizza, white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake).  Then I thought you know what, I'll make tonight awesome, and I won't even have to pay $100 or some other insane amount to hang out with douchey people at some decadent lame party (I'll do that for 2012). 

I really wanted champagne glasses though, but Ralph's nor Ross's had any.  When I was at Ross's this chick was looking for them as well, and started a conversation by asking me to get her something high up (there was one on a lower shelf prominently displayed).  She told me to check out the World Market on 4th and J for champagne glasses.  In hindsight, I should have gotten her number.  Made it to World Market, they had them, and discovered that that store is amazing.  Will definitely go back.

Went home, and headed back out.  I was absolutely starving at this point, so I decided to get one last free kiddie frostie at Wendy's, but they closed really early that night.  Major disappointment.  I went across the street to the Chase ATM to get some cash for the night, and ran into this dude who had started the festivities early by puking all over the lobby.  My appetite momentarily suppressed, I contemplated my next move.  Within a minute or so my hunger overcame the horrific scene I just witnessed, and I overheard a hilarious convo on the street where this hoish chick exclaimed "when I was Vegas... I made out with EVERY guy I saw!".  Stay classy, San Diego.  Ate dinner at the 24 hour subway on 5th.  I then headed to Dirty Del's for their cheap drinks, but they unfortunately had no drink deals that night.  Chilled with some people for a bit, then headed out to Tipsy Crow.  The Crow was okay, but I headed out before 11 to get to Cafe Bassam where my sis was working till close.

Bassam was pretty dead, but I had fun chillin with my bro-in-law and sis, and we rang in the new year with a toast, and a never-ending card game of war.  After close we hung out at my apartment, popped champagne bottles and had an awesome meal.  An entertaining and cool night, wouldn't have had it any other way. 

Follow up post 1. "Halloween Weekend"

So I haven't updated this in a long time since I was so busy with schoolwork, so here's the first update.

Halloween weekend was pretty awesome.  On Friday, I started the night out by meeting up with my friend at his place to pregame.  I dressed up as Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead, which was really cool.  We made our way to Thomas Jefferson's Halloween party at Vin de Syrah, this funky bar/club that looks like Alice in Wonderland. 

The party was pretty neat, I got to catch up with a lot of people from 1L, and I also got to see a professor dressed up as a fat ballerina, complete with tutu.  Danced with some chicks, saw some bizarre hookups, quite the entertaining night.

Saturday night I went to PB and did some drinking out a friend's place, and ended up going to Beechwood.  Came with a big group, but as always, we all got separated within ten minutes.  I ended up hanging out with this chick, let's call her Cindy.  We had fun on the dance floor and ended up on the roof.  The people watching was beyond hilarious.  We ended up staying till close, then the night got interesting.  She lived in La Jolla, so I got her number, then headed out.  I thought getting a cab would be easy outside of the club.  I was wrong.  I waited on the corner for forty minutes, while an endless parade of drunk people came and went.  Had some very interesting conversations. 

Eventually, however, I struck up a conversation with this drunk dude.  He was macking on some chick, but eventually she dipped.  He said he knew where to go to get a cab, so off we went.  This dude was a trip, he started waxing philosophically about life, the universe, and everything.  He even tried to get me to punch him at one point.  As we were walking we ran into this girl crying, and this shady dude following here.  We kept on eye on her, but eventually they started talking, and it became pretty obvious she wanted to hook up with the dude.  They went to a hot dog stand with a bunch of other people, so we let that go.  This guy then went to light up a cig, threw them all in the street, and said "that's what I am."  Perfect timing, as a cab came by right then and I got out of there, interesting dude, but a bit too weird.  Got home around 4.

Quite the weekend.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What do Tigers dream of, when they take a Tiger snooze

Well, never say never, but it looks like the Tigers' season is over.  Down 3 games to 1 against the Rangers, I don't think they will be able to win three games in a row.  And here's why...

I have never been a Jim Leyland hater, I actually think he's a really good manager, and a lot of the Tigers' success comes from him (before he was manager the Tigers hadn't had a winning season in 13 years).  However, the reason the Tigers lost today is in large part due to his decisions.  For starters, playing Delmon Young when he is obviously injured is not helping, and actually cost the Tigers a run in Game 4 when he was unable to come up with a ball hit to him, and was barely able to make a throw to home plate, allowing the Rangers to take a 3-2 lead.  He can't hit with his injury.  He's a defensive liability.  Why play him?  Well , the obvious answer is, who else do you play?  Honestly someone off of the bench like Dirks is a better option at this point.  So that was a bad call, at least in my opinion.

Second, having Jose Valverde pitch in this game for multiple innings after he had pitched the previous two days, one of those outings being a muli-inning appearance.  I do not blame Valverde for the Game 4 loss, he was just gassed.  Who else to pitch though in that situation?  Well, I will admit I shuddered when Brad Penny was put on the post-season roster, but Leyland has not used him at all.  This is an extra innings game that is a must-win for the Tigers, and the Tigers have the luxury of a fifth starter ready to go in their bullpen...  there were options that were better, only because of Valverde's workload recently.

Also, sending Cabrera on Young's flyout, and of course walking Beltre to face the hottest two hitters in the the Rangers' lineup...

Now, none of this may have mattered.  Although, on second thought, that's a lot of questionable decisions by the manager.  The Tigers have been decimated by injuries, and the guys who aren't injured are not delivering in key situations.  I think it just comes down to the fact that Texas has a better team than the Tigers do.  But you know what?  I'm not mad at all that the Tigers are likely finished, they are one of four teams to make it this far out of 30 MLB teams.  That's a damn successful season.  And with a few changes in the roster, they should be a much better team next year, that will be much more hungry to go further.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

I don't do mornings

First post.  I'm going to try to make this blog about cool stuff.  Unfortunately, I'm a law student, so this is bound to fail.  However, there is hope.  If the things you like are a. the law or b. suits, then this just might be a success.  Time will tell.

Let's start with this weekend.  I attended the illustrious annual San Diego "Booze Cruise" that goes around San Diego bay on a yacht.  Truth be told, the downtown skyline is awesome to view from the water.  I went out with the express purpose to have fun because life as a 2L on a law journal is, well, not fun.  Armed with my slim fit suit, skinny tie, and bostonian shoes I promptly headed to, where else, "Dirty Dels" to get cheap drinks.  One hour and $5 later, it was time for my friend and I to head to the cruise.

Broke it down on the dance floor, consumed copious amounts of "booze", and chatted it up with some strangers.  Highlights- A dude dressed up like Gilligan, whom I made fun of, later managed to snag a hottie, whom I then proclaimed a genius.  Seeing three blonde chicks all wearing black and white striped sweater dress things, and not being able to tell them apart.  And not particularly caring to.  Meeting regular girls who are paid to party.  And hearing the cabbie on the way over proclaim that the scantily clad women of gaslamp make him want to run the nearest mosque and pray.
Amen, brother.